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My First Love

Written by Steven Gebre


Posted on October 12 2019

I still remember the moment I fell in love with sneakers. 

It was in elementary and this kid named Ronald had on a pair of Air Jordan Concord 11s. I thought those were the coolest, slickest shoes I’d ever seen. My mother was a single parent raising my brother and me so there was no way on earth she was going to drop $120 on a pair of shoes - no matter how dope or how fresh.

Fast forward to my freshman year of high school, Jordan Brand re-released the Jordan Concord 11s. Yet again, my mom made it extremely clear that my chances of coppin’ my treasured kicks were frankly out of the question.  

2011 was the year my dreams would finally come true. The Concords were due to be released in December, the day after my birthday. I was working part-time and going to school full-time, but there was no way I would miss out on this release. December 23rd that morning the universe ruled in my favor because I got through the Nike website and secured my size.

Every Jordan Concord 11 that is retroed, best believe I will be purchasing until they stop. Love never dies, so my love for sneakers will remain the end. 

What’s your sneaker love story?