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black owned apparel

Very Proud, Very Black Owned Apparel

Mainstream culture loves to paint blackness with the broadest brush of gloom and doom.  

We all know the narrative: black people were enslaved, set free, lost our rights again, earned them back in ’64, got Obama, only to eventually find ourselves stranded in the same position as before.  

Too often, this is the only imagery we see. But we all can agree on one thing: there’s more to OUR collective story than what mainstream wants the world to see.  Before the chains, we were kings, queens and conquerors.  In the throes of segregation & Jim Crow, we thrived. Built empires, whole towns and cities basking in black prosperity. Influenced culture with our magnificent culinary, musical and theatrical gifts.  In these golden truths rests our people’s greatest greatness – a greatness that continues to drive trends and culture across the world. And, it’s why we launched Black People United.

As a 100% black owned apparel brand, our guiding principle is singular:

 Build A Narrative That Uplifts

Every design we produce is made in the spirit of empowerment and celebration of black culture. If it doesn’t UPLIFT or CELEBRATE the culture that we love, we don’t print. Point. Blank. Period.  And what better vehicle than the items we wear everyday to blast out our truth. To send forth the message that though our scars are real, the whole of our magnificently melanated skin is strong and mighty and beautiful and proud. 

There’s an African proverb that reads, “Until the lion has his own storyteller the hunter will always have the best stories.”  It’s our goal to provide willing storytellers like you with affordable, black owned apparel and goods that make a statement and celebrate black culture whenever and wherever you are.